Name of the Technology :     Decubetis Ulcer Bed 
 Disability Sector :                   Locomotor Disability
 Function :                                Mobility/ Holding aids
 Category of research :           New technology/product (not existing in the country)
 Brief description of the product/ technology:
 Main objective of this invention is to prevent a immobile patient and elderly persons from developing Decubitus ulcer, which normally occurs who have to stay in  bed and cannot move their body due to any serious damage to their brain, spine or the whole body. The position of these patients needs to be changed every 1 to  2 hours otherwise the pressure sores will be developed approximately within 2 to 3 days.  However, with the use of this bed, the Decubitus ulcer occurrence can  be prevented without changing the patient’s position.
 This cost effective bed consist of two parts arranged in an alternated fashion. When first part moved upward and downward by automated lever mechanism, the  second part moved downward and upward respectively. Apart from the regular movement, air will be blown on the surface of the underneath body. This facilitates  the air circulation at a regular interval to reduce the occurrence of Decubitus ulcer. 
 When the body is under the continuous pressure, the temperature around the point changes. By mapping the pressure/ temperature in the time-frequency plot of  wavelet domain, the potential area of decubitus ulcer can be studied and proper remedy can be addressed.
 Pressure ulcers may be caused by inadequate blood supply and resulting reperfusion injury when blood re-enters tissue. A simple example of a mild pressure  sore may be experienced by healthy individuals while sitting in the same position for extended periods of time: the dull ache experienced is indicative of impeded  blood flow to affected areas. Within hours, this shortage of blood supply, called Ischemia, may lead to tissue damage and cell death. The sore will initially start as  a red, painful area, which eventually turns purple. Left untreated, the skin may break open and become infected. Moist skin is more sensitive to tissue Ischemia  and necrosis and is also more likely to get infected. The most important care for an immobile patient and elderly persons with bedsores is the relief of pressure.  Following conventional methods are followed in the hospitals:
 1. Turn the patient at least every two hours to avoid aggravating the wound. 
 2. Pressure-distributive mattresses are used to reduce high values of pressure on prominent or bony areas of the body.
 Readiness level of the product/technology:                                                             Technical Documentation Completed
 Anticipated time to reach the next readiness level:                                                 0 to 3 months
 Anticipated time for the technology/product to come in the market:                     6 to 12 months 
 Any Hindrance(s) being faced w.r.t. the development of product/technology:      Lack of Funds, Lack of Industry Partner

 Anticipated cost:         Not Available 
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