Name of the Technology :      Indian Picture                    Symbols for                       Communication                 Version 1 & 2  
Disability Sector :                  Autism
Function :                               Education and Learning         aids, Communication and       speech aids
Category of research :           New technology/product (not existing in the country)

Brief description of the product/ technology:

The technology is in the form of a software with two versions. Version I is Indian Picture Symbols for Communication (IPSC) and version II is IPSC GupShup software. IPSC has a library of 1750 standardized culturally appropriate and language independent picture symbols to make low tech communication aids. This software can be used to navigate the categorized library to design customized low tech aids to suit the user’s needs. Text can be incorporated using any font available in the system. Picture icons, photographs and drawings can be added to extend the library as required. The pictures can be merged to form phrases. IPSC has been developed after extensive field testing across the country with potential users, teachers and speech therapists.  
Version II, IPSC GupShup software can be used to prepare tabular grids with picture symbols or text messages attached with pre-recorded speech. These grids and pages can be linked to each other. So, finally the user can have a customized ‘talking communication book’.  The software helps the facilitators (PARENTS, TEACHERS, CARERS, THERAPISTS) to produce material such as topic based reading material, story books, chat books and talking cards. Through these different modalities the users can be given a voice in any language. Facilities to enter new pictures and text and to record new speech have been incorporated to make customized grids. The software has scanning options for the switch-users so that the user can select a chosen message to participate in the classroom. A regular mouse adapted with switches can be used as access interface. The software uploaded in a windows-based tablet PC can be a wonderful tool for inclusion. It has been field-tested with users and teachers in special and inclusive schools in Kolkata.
The technology is being developed for Android platform by the Society for Natural Language Technology Research (SNLTR), Kolkata to be used with AKASH and other Android tablets.

Readiness level of the product/technology: Ready As Product
Anticipated time to reach the next readiness level:                                                
Anticipated time for the technology/product to come in the market:                    0 to 6 months
Any Hindrance(s) being faced w.r.t. the development of product/technology:      Lack of Funds, Lack of Industry                                                                                                                                     Partner

Anticipated cost:          VER 1 Rs 5000, VER 2 Rs 7500
                                     INDIAN INSTITUTE OF CEREBRAL PALSY
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