Name of the Technology :     ITAAC- Interactive Teaching Aid For Autistic Children  
Disability Sector :                  Autism
Function :                               Education and Learning aids
Category of research :           Upgradation of existing technology/product, Making existing technology/product cost                                                         effective
Brief description of the product/ technology:

In present scenario, the trainers and parents of autistic child has to repeat even a single word so many times even for an hour. The children with autism are visual rather than auditory learners It affects the patience of parents and                   trainers sometimes. Therefore we devised a Curriculum for autistic children will be installed in the ITAAC kit. The curriculum would be devised with experts for different levels as the behaviour and IQ level for the autism children varies. The kit would be designed such that the e-kit keeps engaging autistic children of all age group which would concentrate on repetitive nature of autistic children. To make the child interesting to work with the kit, images, video clipping and animated character would be developed and used in the curriculum. The character has to be designed with animation software and to be synchronized  with voice software to teach and train the child. The characters would be interfaced with the kit and programmed in a way to teach, train and test the autistic children through special tutors and parents. The usage of OpenGL technology to create an animated character attracts the autistic children and makes them learn voluntarily. VCOOL3D are used to program the animated character. 3D MAX, JAVA were used to link this animated character to applications. Speech and voice interface softwares like Speereo and SAPI interface would be used for programming. The product would be implemented for both rural and urban area. Field testing would be done with autistic children in tamil as well as English language. The kit would be replicated for a few vernacular languages in the next phase to make the product useful and helpful to all parts of India.
The curriculum  consists of 4 levels. It will be designed such that it suits different IQ levels of Autistic children of all age groups. Level 1 comprises of age group from 3-5  years,  Level 2comprises of age group from 6-8 years,  Level  3 comprises of age group from 9-11 years and  Level 4 comprises of age group from 12-14 years,  These levels further categorised to self, social, academic and career.
This product is cost effective for the consumers as it would be affordable. 
More number of trainers would be available to autistic children
Technology  is  used by urban as well as rural Population
This project would give very good opportunity for autism trainers through continuing learning with ITAAC kit. Further Funding would be required for commercialization.
Readiness level of the product/technology: Alpha level validated through user feedback
Anticipated time to reach the next readiness level:                                                6 to 9 months
Anticipated time for the technology/product to come in the market:                    18 to 24 months
Any Hindrance(s) being faced w.r.t. the development of product/technology:      No hindrance(s)

Anticipated cost:          End product delivered in CD, Each level cost - Rs.150/, Total cost is Rs.500.
Contact Details:           Dr.S.Poonkuzhali, M.E., Ph.D Research & Consultancy Advisory Board - Member(Computing                                                Sciences) Professor of Information Technology
                                     Department of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
                                     5th Floor, Kasturba Medical College Hospital,Attavara
                                     Mangalore-1, Karnataka, India
                                     Rajalakshmi Engineering College
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