Name of the Technology :     Multi-Purpose Splint  
Disability Sector :                  Autism
Function :                               Daily basic activities aids, Education and Learning aids, Aids for computer/ mobile or any                                                   other gadget operation
Category of research :           New technology/product (not existing in the country)
Brief description of the product/ technology:

We named this device as Cobra Splint. This is a hand splint to be used by any paralyzed hand for daily activities, Writing, Typing, Brushing and Feeding. This is a very low cost and easy to fabricate in any workshop.
COBRA SPLINT: This special splint has been designed specially for quadriplegics with C-5 neurological level and other similar conditions to achieve their independence in (i) Writing (ii) Typing (iii) Operating Laptop/i-pad and Mobile (iv) Feeding (v) Brushing. The very first Cobra Splint was developed by Department of Assistive Technology at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi in 2008 for a person with spinal cord injury who was the banker. Since than we have provided number of splint to many of our clients with quadriplegia. Finally we have come up with the name of this highly popular hand splint. This product is very unique in its design.

Readiness level of the product/technology: Ready As Product
Anticipated time to reach the next readiness level:                                                6 to 9 months
Anticipated time for the technology/product to come in the market:                    12 to 18 months
Any Hindrance(s) being faced w.r.t. the development of product/technology:      Lack of Funds, Lack of Industry                                                                                                                                    Partner

Anticipated cost:          Rs.500-800
Contact Details:           Nekram Upadhyay
                                     Department of Assistive Technology,
                                     Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
                                     Sector-C, Vasant Kunj
                                     New Delhi
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