Brailler Typewriter

Product code: UI-100
Description UNICON Brailler is well-built machine designed to give trouble free service. The total net weight of this machine is 4.8 Kgs. 

The Parts : 

1. KEYS: This machine has nine keys. In the Center is the Spacing Key and to the left of it are, the keys for dots 1,2 and 3 in that order. To the right of the Spacing Key are the keys for dots 4,5 and 6 in that order. The Key on the extreme left is the Line Spacing Key and Key on the extreme right is the Back Spacing Key. 

2. PAPER FEED KNOBS: When you place your hands near the top of the sides of the machine, you will find round projections at the left side end and also the right side end. These two projections are known as Paper Feed Knobs. Hold the knobs and slowly turn them with your thumb away from you. By this movement, the paper will feed forward from the machine. If you turn the knobs with your thumb moving them towards you the paper will feed into the machine. 

3. PAPER RELEASE LEVERS: These are arrangements for inserting and also holding the paper properly. To operate the levers, you should use the two small knobs (buttons) on the top, near each end (left and right) of the machine. Pull any one of the knobs (buttons) towards yourself to the full extent possible to release the paper. When you push any one of the knobs away from you the paper is clamped in to the machine. 

Before inserting the paper, pull the knob to the full length of the slot provided for it. 

When you want to take away the paper, start operating the Line Spacing Key until it stops traveling. Now push the levers towards you. Even if you feel some resistance midway, please move the lever to the full length of the slot. Do not leave it midway. This is very important. 

4. RUBBER ROLLER AND PRESSURE ROLLER: Both are at the top back of the machine. The Rubber Roller supports the paper. The Pressure Roller presses on the paper. It is grooved to avoid crushing the dots (i.e. whatever is brailled on... 

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