I-Limb Digits Robotic Hand

Product code: I-Limb Digits
Description I-Limb Digits Robotic Hand is a customized prosthetic device for individuals with partial hand loss or deficiency.Externally powered prosthesis Articulating digits with individual stall out ability Programmable grip patterns and gestures Compliant grip, vari-grip, auto-grasp and proportional control Rotatable thumb Controlled by electrodes or force -sensing resistors biosim prosthesis control software External batteries

Product Features:

  • Individuals fit with an i-limb digits prosthesis reported improved functional abilities.
  • Individually motorized digits work in conjunction with residual limb and any remaining fingers to improve function.
  • Wristband provides unrestricted wrist movement and an open forearm to reduce heat and sweating.
  • Compact design provides solutions for a wider variety of patients. Programmable features help complete functional tasks and can be further customized for precise control.


i-limb digits is appropriate for partial hand absence. Suitable candidates present with partial hand loss where the level of loss or deficiency is distal to the wrist and proximal of the metacarpophalangeal joint. Anywhere from one to five digits can be replaced and potential examples are shown in Figure.

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