Hitech Vari Flex XC Rotate Foot

Product code: Hitech Vari Flex XC Rotate Foot
Description Vari-Flex XC Rotate combines the established Flex-Foot®attributes of energy return and smooth roll-over, with valuableshock absorption and rotational capabilities.Lightweight and easy to fit, the foot incorporates a torsion cell,which helps to reduce rotary forces on the knee joint and shearforces on the residual limb. The dual carbon keel lessens theimpact of vertical forces, while the EVO feature helps to enhancestance control and roll-over motion, boosting overall walkingcomfort. Designed to accommodate hiking and other high impactactivities, as well as level ground walking, Vari-Flex XC Rotate isideal for active people who want to use a single, lightweight footfor a wide range of everyday activities.

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