Grip Chip For Limb Robotic Hand

Product code: Grip Chip
Description A new development in control technology, grip chips enable users to easily activate quick grips, my grips or favorites for i-limb ultra revolution . The intuitive solution combined with the most dexterous hand available enables users to perform a variety of activities of daily living with ease and precise control.

Using the my i-limb app, patients can easily program grip chips with any grip or gesture and place in a desired location. Simply holding an i-limb ultra revolution device within close range to a grip chip will activate the programmed

How grip chips work:

  • New control technology offering more choices and enhanced ability to use i-limb ultra revolution1
  • Placing the i-limb ultra revolution device in vicinity of grip chip activates grip through Blue- tooth® connectivity my grips allows users to create 12 custom grips2
  • Programming and changes made within the my i-limb or biosim apps
  • Easy setup and minimal training required

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